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Easy Reader

Developer:  AppsFuel

Audience: 3+

Category:  Utilities

Last update:  Jan 27, 2014

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Country Availability WORLDWIDE


Easy Reader is an HTML5 mobile web application designed and developed by the AppsFuel Team.
With Easy Reader you can bookmark pages or articles on the web and then read them later on your mobile device or tablet in a reader friendly format. Easy Reader allows you to quickly tag these articles, so that you make sure you keep a collection of the stuff that is important to you.
You can then refer to them later at your leisure.
If you need help to install the Easy Reader button on your Web Browser, just go to
http://easyreader.appsfuel.com . You can bookmark from any web browser.
Easy Reader is a great organisational tool that helps you make better use of your precious time.
With Easy Ready, tag first and read when you want!

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