Bust the Dust


Bust the Dust

Developer:  AppsFuel

Audience: 3+

Category:  Games

Last update:  Jan 29, 2014

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Country Availability WORLDWIDE


Bust the Dust is a match-three puzzle mobile game, available on AppsFuel for free. This game has an underlying story; you should choose your avatar to start! The first location is a dirty house, you must complete the tasks in each location in order to further the gameplay. After the 3 main story modes are completed, you are then moved to the great outdoors. Your neighbourhood friends are watching: show them what you can do!
The story starts with you cleaning the kitchen, sounds boring but it has to be done you will need to get swapping items: soap, sponge, mop, buckets and smelly cheese. After that, you can begin decorating the walls & finally see your house shine!
Then build up your perfect wardrobe, matching shoes, skirts & trousers; you will be taken through a entertaining story full of fun, addictive, with unique graphics.

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